Saturday, December 13, 2008

My Wishlist

I told my kids to provide me their Christmas wishlist. I told them to think of things from one end of the spectrum to the other. To pretend we had a very limited budget (translation: reality) and to pretend no limits...

Some of their wants included:

  • Rounds trip to Sweden to visit Amanda's best friend and pro soccer player, Stephanie
  • Bluetooth headset
  • Amazon Kindle

  • Pottery Barn stuff
  • Beaded jewelry

  • stationary

Or, they didn't let me know at all. hmmm, wonder if those guys will get anything?

Ray and I got what we (well, me) has been wanting and needing. A new TV for the den. It's the best!!!

Hard to see here but I'm in love with the HD television signal.

but of course, it's never enough. If I had a wealthy benefactor or an husband that finally won a huge lottery, my wish list would include:

Hardwood floors - no new house for me, I love this one

Backyard landscaping

a new digital camera - Canon EOS Rebel please

Another new TV for the bedroom, and one for the kitchen

A bribe to someone on the Food Network to give me my own cooking show

A redone closet from maybe California Closets with a place for everything including my jewelry, underwear and socks. (my biggest challenges)

a pair of Karen Neuberger pajamas for every night of the week


All the fun Wii games

A new dining room set

a built in booth/banquet in my kitchen

unlimited candles - (no cinnamon please)

A whole batch of new earrings, i'm tired of the ones I have
A full set of Calphalon cookwear. I just have pieces now
A personal trainer for a year! So I can look like my former self.

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