Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Related? Nope.

This is my cousin, by marriage. You would think she was my sister as much as we look alike! The funniest thing about this picture? Look between our heads at my brother's face. You have to look really hard. LOL! somethings just make me laugh.
Now an update on the diabetes situation. This is the hardest damn thing to deal with.
I've been testing my blood glucose to see how various food affects the levels. Hubby and I went out last Friday night. We had some really good mexican food. I did have some chips, salsa, grilled shrimp, beans and rice and one beer. After that we went dancing which we haven't done in sometime. I also had 3 beers while we were there. The next morning my reading was only about 10 points higher than normal. I don't get it. Was it the dancing as "exercise"?
I can tell you for sure, this is a pain in the rear.

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