Sunday, February 22, 2009

Our puppy love

I'm convinced we have one of the weirdest dogs there is. He cracks us up most of the time.

Then again, our friends remind us he is OUR dog. We raised him and does he have much choice in his behavior?
  • He loves to be outside, but he wants to be inside with us as well.
  • He's really big, about 75 pounds and then with the fluffy big hair (of course! he's mine) he looks even bigger.
  • We don't know exactly what he is, we know there is some chow, he's got the black spots on his tongue. We think there is some shepherd and I think there is some wolf. He has gold eyes and the most beautiful coat.
  • He is a big baby and has to be leaning or touching one of us all the time.
  • He'll eat anything; salmon, peppers, squash, pasta... I haven't seen him not eat something.
  • If he wants to go outside and you're ignoring him, he'll either snort at you or hit your chair OR the side of the bed with his paw.
  • The absolute funniest thing is how he sleeps. Whether he is in his crate or sleeping in the den, he HAS to be on his back and have his feet propped up on something.

  • CRATE position:

FLOOR Position:

He's our only child at home and we love him. Ray says he is worthless but... I'm here to tell you, RAY is the biggest spoiler of this loveable mutt.

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