Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Way back when

As the youngest of four, and being an oops baby -- it was very much like I was an only child.
When I was in elementary (Janie Stark Elementary) and junior high (Vivian Field Junior High), mom and dad and I traveled around Texas quite a bit. So that I wouldn't be lonely and bored I usually got to take a friend. One of those friends was Krista. She was our ringleader of our gaggle of girls, she was over the top funny and we lost touch. I kept up with a couple of the other girls all the way back to fourth grade, but we lost Krista. After not talking or even knowing where she was in nearly 20 years we found her through her dad and her MySpace page.

Hearing her voice was like we had just spoken yesterday. I haven't seen her yet but we've spoken and emailed a few times. I can't wait to see her in person.

Here are a few pics from our past.
The below was one of the last times I had seen Krista. Another friend of mine from high school and I divorced within a month of each other and we decided we needed a vacation. I can't remember how Krista and her cousin got in on the trip, but they did and we had some fun.
I love technology.

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