Sunday, April 26, 2009

A week later

Well, the cold is 99.9% gone, just some lingering aggravating cough every morning about 3am. Very frustrating.

So, we've had a pretty full and very productive weekend. Friday night I joined some family members sitting in the cafeteria of my (and hubby's) high school alma mater, North Garland High School. My GREAT niece is in the NG Band(s) - Jazz Band, Marching Band and Honors Band. All of these bands plus the NG Steel Drum band (AWESOME!) and the local junior high honors band had a performance/fundraiser. The fundraiser part was a baked potato dinner. Pretty darn good for $5 a person. The we got to listen to each of the bands. First came the Jazz Band and I was very impressed. Ray got there after this and I could tell he wasn't all that "jazzed" to be there. He ate, we listed to a junior high band then the Steel Drum band got going. It was amazing and Uncle Ray was very impressed. I was too. This particular group is volunteer only, they have no class time to rehearse at all, it is all after school on their own time. They have learned these drums in addition to the instrument they normally play! Very cool. Stayed for the NG Honors Band... way longer than we had planned but it was really really good.

My oldest niece Misti drug us both down to the main hall of NG so we could point ourselves out in our panoramic senior pictures. Remember those bleacher pics taken with the panoramic camera? Fun night.

Great Niece Kayla is the redhead sitting down.
Second great niece planning her future with the NGHS Band.

Saturday,after sleeping late, we hit the chores hard. Ray mowed, (good thing or the city might have given us a citation very very soon) hung some pictures for me, put some miscellaneous stuff in the attic, etc... I got the entry closet cleaned out, laundry room cleaned out, donation stuff boxed up and delivered to the Collin County Childrens Advocacy Center, made plans for date night with some long time buddies, showered, got ready and were at dinner by 6:30. WHEW!

We started at Zorba's for some excellant greek food, YUM! Most of what we had I can't spell OR pronounce but it was good. We then went to Obzeet for dessert and a little light jazz... ummm ok, not the night for light jazz at Obzeet. Old time rock and roll. Hard to visit and talk but fun anyway. Our friends just bought some land and we are soooo excited to go out and rough it, cook outside over a big fire, go exploring, find arrowheads... etc..

Good Food, Good Friends, Good times.

(I do have to admit the last time the four of us had date night I ended up catching my hair on fire, but thats for another lonnnngggg story).

I was good, I only had one bite of cake and 2 bites of key lime pie. I can't say the same for SOME people.

The boys had some good grown up man talk time too.

Sunday... church, lunch, NASCAR, now it's naptime....

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