Friday, May 1, 2009

A Talent that will be missed

In 1996, on my first trip to Las Vegas for the Ford Fleet product preview, the entertainment for the closing dinner was a guy, an impersonator I had never heard of. Danny Gans

When his show started I was mesmerized. This guy was unbelievable. He could do any voice, create any person you could imagine. One minute he was Andrew Dice Clay, the next minute he was Barbra Streisand. I had never and have never since then heard anyone this good.

Since that time Danny was Las Vegas Entertainer of the year 11 times in a row. ELEVEN times. He was the highest paid performer in Las Vegas. Every show he did was packed. I never got to see him again. And now never will. Danny Gans died today at the age of 52. FIFTY-TWO

If you look on his website you can tell the guy was in excellant shape. He never planned to be an entertainer. His dream was to be a professional baseball player. Danny was drafted by the KC Royals. But, if I remember correctly he either tore his shoulder up or blew out his knee and that dream died.... He went to Broadway, did a few small bit pieces and then went to Vegas.... He was amazing. That year I saw him was right about the time Jimmy Stewart died. He did a tribute to Stewart that had everyone in tears. It was incredible.

So Talented and so very Young.

There's some stuff out on youtube but it really doesn't do him justice

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