Tuesday, May 26, 2009

True Romance - The story of us - Repost

I posted this first last June and decided it was time to do another Re-Post. Plus I'm so busy at work I can't think straight. To add a little to the below, I started thinking about what I have learned from this man I have been married to for now 11 years.

  • I learned to like brussel sprouts
  • I learned to like asparagus
  • I learned to like sweet potatos
  • I remembered I liked to fish, alot
  • I learned to give up some control over some things.  This is very hard when you were a single mom over 16 years.
  • I learned not to sweat the small stuff
  • I've learned a lot about the electrical business
  • I've learned my husband is very good at what he does.
  • I've learned that lots and lots of husbands snore just like mine does
Here's the original post...

This Monday, June 1 will be Ray and I's ten year anniversary. I truly cannot believe it has been that long. We literally took everyone by surprise, semi eloped and hit the ground running and haven't stopped.
If you don't know the story, and a romantic one it is, here you go:

Ray and I met in choir at North Garland High School in 1975. We were in the musical, Funny Girl together in February of that year. I was at the very young and tender age of 14 and it was my freshman year. Ray was 18 and a senior. We had fun, went to the cast party together but he says he threw me back since I was so "little" (translated - Jail Bait).

We both went our seperate ways, married, had our kids and divorced. I was single for over 16 years and Ray was divorced 4 or so years. We saw each other twice between 1975 and 1999.

In March of 1999, Ray came and hunted me down through my brothers family restaurant and we had a date on April 1st 1999. (yes, this would be April Fools Day). We married June 1, eight weeks later. I won't say everyday has been easy but the good far outweighs the challenges. Four surgeries for me in our first 3 years of marriage; taking Clayton off to college; the passing of Ray's grandad and my daddy; all 4 kids getting married, 2 grandsons, the loss of Fred the Dog, some health scares with parents... life.

I love him more today than ever. This is a montage to "our song".

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