Tuesday, June 2, 2009

10 years

We had our 10 year anniversary dinner last night at St. Martins Wine Bistro. The food and service were fabulous.
Our menu was:
Ray- La Tartare de Boeuf 12
Traditional Cold Filet of Beef, Capers, Mustard, Red Onion & Cognac

it was a huge portion!!! and sooo yummy
Lisa - L'Escargots St. Martin's
Saute├ęd with Shallots & Garlic Butter in Velvet Cream
garlicky, buttery delicious. I also had a small cup of their Champagne Brie soup. Oh my heck, this stuff was the second best cup of soup I've ever had. (first place goes to a cream of brocolli soup I had in Humble TX, can't remember the name of the restaurant, Chez something)Ray also had a mixed field green salad, or as they call it "La Petite Salade Printemps, au Vinaigrette Framboise"
a Baby Spring Mix Salad, Walnuts, Swiss Cheese,
Cherry Tomato & Raspberry Vinaigrette

Our waiter suggested the red wine Bourgogne Pinot Noir, France and brought me a taste of a chardonnay (no idea the name) to go with my escargot, both were excellant.
For Dinner:
Ray - The special, Prime beef tenderloin, scallop and 2 jumbo shrimp. He left nothing on his plate so I guess he liked it.
Lisa - another special, Chilean Sea Bass with avocado and chili cilantro cream.

One side note here. I took pictures!!!! when I started looking for the camera this morning, it's not here. I called the restaurant and they didn't find anything there.. .I'll be going there in person tomorrow to check. I can't believe I don't have the camera and pictures of all of this. Including! my new earrings and my own interpretation of the brick I purchased at the NASCAR Hall of Fame with our name and anniversary date on it. Now Ray and I will have to travel to Charlotte NC to find the brick when the HOF opens.

anyway, i'm not happy about the whole camera thing. That's the only place it could be. Dangit!

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