Monday, June 1, 2009

Long time friends

I had lunch today with a friend that I have known since 6th grade and we hadn't seen each other since our 15th high school reunion in 1993!!!!

Rebecca and I were in 6th grade together when in Farmers Branch. She left Farmers Branch in the middle of our 7th grade year (at Vivian Field Junior High) and moved to Garland. Low and behold a year and a half later my family moved to Garland and Becca and I ended up at the same high school. I found her on Facebook at the first of the year just by surfing around. She looks exactly the same so it was easy to recognize her picture on line.

Today I also had the pleasure of meeting her daughter Jessica who is all aglow with wedding plans!

God has blessed me with great friends, long lost and brand new. I'm a lucky girl.

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