Monday, June 8, 2009

Our George Strait, Reba, Blake Shelton weekend

This weekend was massive. Well really it was just Saturday but when your nearly 50 and you tailgate for hours. then listen to music with 100,000 of your closest friends, then tailgate again for an hour or so.... it feels massive.

I don't have good pictures since the camera never showed up after our anniversary dinner... wait, stop... I'll get myself all ticked off again if I even go there...

Anyway. Pictures are from my cell phone so they are really bad.

The opening event at the new Cowboy Stadium (or Jerry's World as it's less affectionately called) was a star studded country music event. I had gotten our tickets and parking pass before the general tickets went on sale and was really pleased with the seats.

We headed over to Arlington about noon to check into a hotel right by the stadium. We decided traffic after the event would be nuts. Some friends picked us up at the hotel at about 2:30 and off we went to find a great tailgating spot. And that we did. Sandwiches, some cold livations, hanging around and talking was lots of fun.... until I took my dive. Climbing out of the back of friends Expedition I misjudged how far away the ground was and how short my little legs are. I made a lovely scrap on Jerry's brand new asphalt.
Had this not been a George Strait concert I would have cried and gone home but I sucked it up and hung in. Even after some stinging antibacterial hand stuff was applied. PURE ALCOHOL!!!

OK, so about 5:30 we head into the stadium. When we first walked in LeeAnn Womack was opening the show. As we hit the concourse the music was so loud and so awful we thought the evening was going to be ruined. Signage and seats were very, very easy to find however there were a few spots where traffic flow will always be an issue. (in front of the Pro Shop for instance) Bottle Beers were $8.50 each. Way too much.

Our seats were really good and the HD screen that is 60 years long is AMAZING. The picture is so clear you cold count the diamonds in LeeAnns wedding ring. They also showed Cowboy practice clips... (none of the Irving practice field, hmmmm)

After LeeAnn was Blake Shelton. He is really good and puts on an excellant show. Blake was followed by Reba. (I borrowed a pic from a friend)

What can I say? Only one person tops Reba in my book and that's King George. As the night got later my little phone camera pics got worse so I have NO pictures at all. Reba is a performer, top notch. All George has to do is sing. It was amazing to hear 100,000 people singing along with nearly every song. Something that made me a little sad was, since the picture on the HD screen was so detailed it really showed how George's hands are becoming very arthritic. He doesn't play the guitar as much as he used to. He has it around his neck, but he doesn't play that much. Well, he doesn't have to. He did sing for nearly 2 hours. 2 hours of heaven for me!

This is another borrowed pic.

The roof opening for the first time was pretty cool too. It takes 12 minutes to fully open.

We headed out to the parking lot at 11:45, drug the chairs, cooler and sandwiches back out and talked about the show. What they sang, what songs they didn't sing, what we liked, what we didn't like (the SOUND!!!!!) I swear, every sound guy out there only wants to work with rock bands so they think they have to crank up the volume to earbleeding levels. It doesn't have to be that loud!!!!. We hung out for about an hour before Arlington's finest booted us out. The parking lot was pretty much clear. We headed to the hotel and off to dreamland.

I loved it!!!!

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