Sunday, June 14, 2009


I am absolutely totally lost without my camera.

I have had so many things in the past week that I wanted to write about but without the visual photographs I lose the urge to do the writing.

We went to just south of Cisco TX yesterday with some friends and had a blast. There are so many raw natural elements that could be photographed in so many different ways. I can't stand it. Cisco is at the northern edge of my favorite area in Texas. About 140 miles west of Fort Worth. There's hills, rocks, cactus, deer, wild boar, etc...

The big boys headed out earlier Saturday morning to tackle getting electricity going and the girls and the younger dude, motored west about 1:30pm with snacks, ice, water and other necessary libations. It isn't even summer yet but the heat and humidity were so thick you could cut it. When we got there the boys were absolutely drenched in sweat and exhausted, both from the heat and work.

After touring around our friends newly acquired acreage in the AC of the truck and getting the boys cooled off, we climbed up into the deer stand and enjoyed the breeze of the evening. Younger dude decides he is ready to try and shoot his new shotgun... a big step for a 10 year old.

We decided the best location for this would be the new pond, so off we trek. an empty soda can became the perfect target and it was tossed into the shallow,sandy water. Instructions from the professional on how to make the shot were given. The first shot was a little to the left but dude didn't even flinch. He was ready for that second shot and it was dead on! We all gave him high fives and congratulations.

It was a successful, very hot, long day. Wish I had some pictures.

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