Sunday, June 28, 2009

Weekend Lake trip

Ray and I were invited to a friends lake house this weekend for a relaxing fishing trip. Saturday was Ray's birthday and a fishing trip to the lake was perfect. We got in Friday night to a beautiful lake home on the banks of Richland Chambers Lake. After visiting with our host and the two guys (boys!!!) shooting off huge rockets off the boat dock, we hit the sack about midnight and were up at 5 am to go snag us some good ole Texas Hybrid bass.

I remembered to slather on the sunscreen since it only takes me a very short time to become lobster red in the sun and 5 hours on the water would not bode well for this redhead.

I remembered water to stay hydrated.

I remembered an umbrella for the same reason as the sunscreen.

What did I leave back at the house was the new camera. I have no pictures of the fishing part of our trip. Dangit!!!! I have no pictures of our fish. We caught our limit in an hour and a half. It was so much fun. Those fish really fight and my arms were so tired. The guys were so gracious and let me hit the majority of the fish which allows me to say.... I Caught the MOST and the BIGGEST!!!! Woo hooo.

Ray has a picture on his camera, I just have to figure out how to send it to my email.

After we caught our limit our great guide Cory, (Guaranteed Guide Services) gave Ray and Richard a quick lesson on throwing a net to catch bait shad. Yea, that will happen. We headed back to the marina to catch some catfish while our catch was filet'd. We did catch some catfish but the softshell and hardshell turtles were biting as well. It was hysterical to reel in a turtle!!!

After that! it was back to the house and it was only NOON!!!

The boys then got out the jet ski. Now THAT I have pictures of. This jet ski is the fastest they make and it would fly.

Ray cooked burgers and I napped. Home on Sunday and a great weekend.

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