Sunday, June 28, 2009

La Jolla California

Last week I took a quick business trip to southern California, specifically La Jolla. I've been to this area before, a little over ten years ago but this trip was quick and totally different.

I landed on Tuesday and had some time before a business reception started at 6pm so I decided to take a walk and get some exercise. Oh, before I forget, when I left Dallas the forecast for the day was for the temperature at home to hit over 100 degrees. The temp in La Jolla was about 68 lovely breezy cool degrees. So,

On the back of the room map of the hotel was a walking map. Not too far, from what I could tell.... Tennis shoes on, out the door I go.

I follow the map to a gated community and walk through the entrance indicated on the map. Beautiful homes established and new. Multi million dollar homes sitting with views of gorgeous landscapes with the Pacific Ocean in the background. At about a mile and a half, a park road leads down to the beach. There are other walkers, hikers and s few surfers headed up from the bottom so here I go.

This is at the top of the hill.
I say "hill" but after I start off on the walk I realize the incline down to the beach is pretty steep.

Off in the distance is the pacific and I want to sit on the beach!!! So, I keep walking. About halfway down I start realizing that yes, after I get to the bottom I WILL have to walk back up but I am bound to get there.
I finally make it to the bottom and sit and relax and take in the sights.

This is a single house, looks like a resort but nope, it's a house.

The next day while out test driving a couple of new model cars and trucks, I took a little detour over to Torrey Pines Golf Course, home of the 08 US Open. This is a public course and is beautiful.

This is the view from the deck outside of the Pro Shop. Stunning view of the Pacific.

I love to travel and see how gorgeous this country is.

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