Sunday, August 2, 2009

normal weekend

Ahhh a normal weekend without a party to plan for!!! Ray and I stayed home Friday night after I picked up some chinese food for dinner. I stopped and picked up a nice bottle of wine at my new favorite wine store, Angels Beverages. It is in a non-descript, mostly empty strip center at Jupiter and Plano Parkway. They have tastings every other Friday, wine pairing dinners at local restaurants... etc... They know their stuff. Find them at

Ray and I love chinese food but had not found what we liked close to our house and we've been here 5 years now. So, I decided to try something new. Next door to Angel's is Master Wok. I never ever would have tried this place without the referrel from Angel. The place was nice and clean was the first thing I noticed when I went in. We normally spend $25 to $30 bucks on take out chinese... I ordered us 2 dinners and some fried wontons and crossed my fingers. First surprise... total for two dinners $11.95!!!! but still wondering if it can be good at that price.

It was delicious!!! we have found our new chinese food place and it's inexpensive as well.

Saturday I experienced a very, very relaxing and pleasant massage at the Coldwater Creek Spa in Southlake. It was quiet, not too big, not too crowded and the massage was fantastic. (is there such a thing as a bad massage?)

Saturday night was spent hanging out with friends, meeting some new friends and eating fajitas. Our friends, the Purnells live about an hour away so by the time midnight rolled around Ray and I decided to stay the night and head home Sunday morning.

One thing about the Purnell's you might catch is that one of them has a green thumb. My friend Karolyn can grow everything (except cactus, she loves to water!). Get a load of the backyard.

I have learned that I should not touch ANYTHING with leaves. I'm a cook not a gardener. I will kill any plant within an arms reach.

Karolyn can stick a twig in the ground and it will grow into a beautiful plant. She has a Norfolk Pine that I bet is 11-12 feet tall on the patio... I have empty pots.

I am so jealous. My backyard is boring.

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