Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Surgery, Pain, Recuperation, Boredom

I am so bored.

After having elbow surgery last Friday, 5 days ago... I am absolutely stir crazy. I probably should not be typing since it pulls on the exact tendon that was worked on.

I thought the surgery would be similar to carpel tunnel surgery and I would be back at work yesterday... not! The surgery was a little more severe than first anticipated and the doctor told my husband he had to use the "bone biter"! on the bone to create a better site for the tendon to adhere to. Seriously? the Bone Biter? There was only about 5% of the tendon actualy attached to the bone.

Friday was not bad at all. My friend Judy came over and stayed a while, got me some lunch and we just had fun jabbering away. Well, must have had some morphine and anesthesia still in my system cause Saturday, Sunday and Monday... THAT was a whole other story. Pain, Pain. Pain. You don't realize how much you move your fingers and your wrist. Even involuntarily! The slightest movement in the wrong direction would send an electrical charge equal to 10,000 volts up my arm!!!

Since I indicated I am a little sensitive to Latex and adhesives, the doctor was very careful to not use any bandages around the incision or on my arm. He just used gauze to cover the wound and an ace bandage around the elbow... Well there is something in ace bandages that make them stretchy now and evidently I'm allergic to that too. Have a nice itchy rash at my elbow now!!!

It's Wednesday now and I can at least move my fingers without shouting really really bad words. I've worked on emails today so that when I get into the office tomorrow I'm not buried in stuff to do. Maybe just up to my waist at least.

Lovely huh?

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