Sunday, September 6, 2009

West Texas Fun

Had the first opportunity to hang with some BF's this weekend at their land west of Weatherford, just south of Cisco. Tons of fun but still really hot from mid day to dusk. I don't do heat well. Never have, never will. So excited to go back soon.

Our husbands worked hard all day Saturday getting everything just right. Leveling the little home away from home, their Casita trailer. After that was done, the firepit was dug so that we could enjoy it after dark. Friend S and I found reason to head to the grand town of Cisco. Groceries were needed and the Brookshires has excellent AC!!!

Speaking of Brookshires, while checking out we came upon a very nice employee who was more than happy to assist us with our bags out to the car. (I love this about Brookshires!!, they don't ask, they just do it) Anyway, I had overheard this girl talking about her foot surgery and ask her about it. Noticing that this girl was EXTREMELY tall, I ask if she had played basketball.... ok, long story/short and another Six Degrees of Lisa Story.... She says "yes ma'am I played 4 years for the University of Texas. ok, ok, trying to shorten the story... I look at her name tag "STACY" She had played against my stepdaughter Leslie in high school and I recognize her as one of the most outstanding players at UT during her time there and had watched her on TV. She was REALLY mean when playing but was so nice to talk to this weekend! so funny. I think she was shocked and pleased to be recognized. Stacy is here in the red shorts.

My friend just shook her head and said no one but me could be in the grocery store in Cisco TX and find someone they would know.

Oh yea, on our way to town, we picked up a rider. Isn't he cute!!?
After it cooled down we had some dinner, went to visit friends on the adjacent property, had a glass of wine or two and then back to camp for an awesome fire. The little boys entertained themselves with electronics while my big boy played in the fire.

We could hear coyotes alllll night long. My bedroom was the blue tent which worked out really well. Except for those coyotes, again alll night long and sounding like they were getting closer and surrounding us. Every time they started up, it sounded like hundreds of them. All in all, sleeping was good.

Breakfast was sausage/egg tacos and hot coffee. Hubby always does great breakfast!
Not long after we finished eating it started warming up again so we headed to a shaded area for some rifle/target practice. I love stuff like this.

So far only one mosquito bite but chiggar bites TBD... Great friends, great weekend, I think I see a trailer in our near future.... don't tell hubby.....

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