Wednesday, September 9, 2009

This week

This week I have the privelege of attending a conferenc of my peers at the AFLA Conference. This is the Association of Fleet Lease Administrators. Lots of people who do what I do and take care of company cars. We manage a wide variety of fleets for a wide variety of companies. Managers are here from Bristol Myers, Hallmark, Loreal, etc... so our car specifications run anywhere from Mercedes to Fords to Toyotas. From small hybrid cars to large box truck like I run. This is where I can still learn something. This is where I can ask questions of my peers on how they handle unique situations that our companies may never ever think of as being a challenge for us to handle.

The first of these conferences that I attended 3 years ago was very, very informative. One of the speakers on the agenda was a General Wald who spoke of the safety and security of our fuel sources... (or lack thereof). I actually took notes. He was awesome. There are some interesting topic titles on the schedule this week so hopefully IU'll learn again.

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