Wednesday, October 14, 2009


OK, I know among my closest friends I am a freak. I love NASCAR. I have always been a car nut. I love to go fast. I love to watch NASCAR. The best part of my job has been the opportunities it has given me to attend some races, drive some cars, meet some drivers and coming out of that, meeting some new and great friends.

Today is Hall of Fame Day. 25 drivers, media, owners, etc... are nominated as inductees into the first ever NASCAR Hall of Fame. 5 will be inducted. The history of NASCAR is very interesting and it's originators a very colorful mix of hot rodders and moonshiners!!!

The Hall of Fame building itself will open in May of 2010. For our 10th wedding anniversary I got Ray and I a Brick inscribed with our names and the date of our wedding. The actual brick will be somewhere on the grounds of the Hall of Fame campus. We will go there one day to find it.

I have also recruited my husband into the NASCAR fan family. When we married Ray had no clue, no idea, had never even watched a full race. Now he is a full fledged fan, participating in Fantasy competitions, he has favorite drivers and so like every other fan has drivers he can't stand!

The fanfare at the races is usually spectacular. The traditions will not be broken. The drivers, crews, owners and cars are accessible to the fans. It's just fun.

Someday I will drive an actual stock car on a track.
We plan on being out at the track this November for another race. Here are some pictures from past races I and we have been to.

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