Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The holiday season begins

Family time, Friend time, cooking time both indoors and out, holiday decorating, fall fun.... let The Season begin.

This is the first lunch gathering of East Grand Baptist Church Youth alumni. I have known some of these people since I was a toddler. Our next lunch will hopefully draw a few more of our dear friends. East Grand is on East Grand Avenue across from Tennyson park very close to Fair Park. The area has changed over the years and East Grand was sold and the congregation moved to another location or left and found other churches. When I was little I thought that East Grand was one of the most beautiful buildings ever. I loved walking down the aisle in that sanctuary.

The time spent growing up at East Grand through my school years was some of the best years ever.

Our NGHS first breakfast gathering in November was so much fun. The next gathering in December will have some extra fun surprises and donations to The Good Samaritan food bank in Garland. May as well do some good while we have fun.

yes, even after all these years, they still know it's all about me!

We move on to the Family portion of November with the Kneggs family Thanksgiving gathering. We all know that when grandkids/great grandkids come along the center of attention moves to their cuteness.

I think there were nearly 30 at Chris and Debbie's for lunch. Ray and I both have great families and we are very, very lucky.

We finished the afternoon with a little song from the boys.

A new tradition we have decided to start on Thanksgiving eve will be Tree decorating with the grandkids and Thanksgiving morning watching the Parade and outside Christmas light install.

it was so cute having just the lower 1/4 of the tree decorated.

The next morning I think the boys had the most fun playing in the leaves.

Then we moved on to have lunch at son Clay and wife Amanda's home. Their first Thanksgiving hosting was a great success. Turkey excellant, dressing awesome, all the sides and desserts, yummy. I'm not sure what this face was or what the issue was. This is why my kid cracks me up.

OK, THEN after sleeping off the turkey drowsiness off to Rattlesnake Ranch for some time with good friends and a 10 year olds birthday present that was awesome.
this is the most awesome present for a 10 year old. don't you wish you had his parents wen you were growing up?
We spent 3 days outside, cooking over a fire, frying a turkey for the first time, sleeping in a tent,(with an electric blanket!),doing some manual labor, and just hangin.

my husband is a man of many many talents.

We got home and 3 days later it was snowing. SO glad it waited until after the weekend for this cold front to come in. Can't say it would have been such a good time at 34 degrees.

And it's only December 2nd.

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