Monday, February 15, 2010

A Jewel

We called her Mama Jewel.  That's my mom's mom.  She passed away my senior year in high school, 1978.  She was 78 years old. She gave me lots of memories.
This is (from left) Mama Jewel, Daddy Fred, my mom and dad and my uncle Weldon.  I'm pretty sure this was before I was born.
I wish she could have seen my son. She would have loved him.
When I went to her house there was always
  • Dr Pepper, all I wanted.
  • Cheetos, man I could put away a regular size bag of those in one afternoon.  And she let me. 
  • Hot dogs.  She would boil the weinies (I was 4 years old and maybe 35 pounds and could eat two) put them on white bread, diagonally, then cut a slit down the weinie and put miracle whip in the slit.  Yep, every day.
  • Biscuits for breakfast.  I ate 6 biscuits with butter, peanut butter and syrup. Yep, everyday I was there.

This is Mama Jewel and Daddy Fred again with, I think, my mom.  This would have been about 1928 if it is mom. Daddy Fred died in 1963 when I was three.  I have very vague snippets of recollections of him.  Her on the other hand... she was so funny.

I stayed with her during the summers when mom worked.  I could watch anything I wanted to EXCEPT at 12:30.  That's when her "program" came on.  As The World Turns was not to be missed.

I'm on a mission now to find more pictures of her.

I would go with her to Lake Tenkiller Oklahoma for her family reunion.  I met cousins I didn't know and met up with them once a year and had so much fun.  Wonder if I could find them on FB...? 

This is Daddy Fred, Mama Jewel, her sister Ebby and her husband Omalie (sp?).  Fred and Omalie were cousins (I think). 
I get my red hair from Daddy Fred. Didn't know that till I was grown.  He always had white hair.  That's what everybody remembers. But, come to find out they called him 'Red' Davis at work at the old Ford Plant on East Grand Avenue in Dallas down by Fair Park.

Mama Jewel smoke about a pack of cigarettes a day.  Kent's.  She had a very deep gravely voice ... full of love.  She loved to laugh.

I gotta go find more pictures.

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