Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Vacation stress

ok,  all of this happens in a span of about 35 minutes. 

Vacation to Costa Rica is about 3 days, 10 hours away.  I call my friend Shannon who is arriving at the resort a few hours before we are... "Shannon, when you get there, use your charms for upgrade rooms!"

So Shannnon is doing some checking and finds our rooms at about $800 dollars less per couple!!!!  what's up with that?  Why did we book early....? this stinks.  so...

I email our booking agent and tel him, DUDE, I will NOT be a popular person if we coulds have gotten this so much cheaper... again, this STINKS. I found the resort, I found the agent.  This STINKS!  why does everything have to be so stupid difficult?

So, Bailey, the agent emails me back right away and comes up with some options.  It is so complicated I can't even begin to type it out.  THIS STINKS.  I am stressed, I am frazzled, I want this to be easy and relaxing and fun!  I am NOT having fun.

I want to be down there in the pool, and this be $800 cheaper... they need to do the right thing.

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