Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Terrific Tuesday

Last week I posted about some anxiety I had waiting for my blood glucose #'s to come back from the doctor.  One of his assistants called last week and indicated there was "a lot of information" and the doctor would talk to me about it when I came in for my follow up (which is April 8).  This didn't help my stress level much....
So yesterday I get a call from another assistant who says the doctor decided to have her go ahead and go over a couple of things.  So, my overall cholesteral # was decent, 226 which after hitting 283 is getting better but my LDL is way to high.  Upping the Crestor to help with that.
My bigger concern was my glucose #'s which are tested by what they call an A1C test.  This test looks through your blood cell and can read a history of your glucose going back about 3 months. (kinda like reading the rings on a tree, don't ask me how.....) so, A1C numbers should be below 6.  Mine has been over 7.  The last reading in August of 08 and was 6.8... this time it was down to 6/1!  that is awesome. No Medications for diabetes. A big load off my shoulders.  Now I just have to keep up the weightloss and add more exercise.
The other part of Tuesday was a new haircut. I love it!

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