Wednesday, April 28, 2010

And then

After the past few busy weekends I had a couple of doctors appointments for my annual full body physical. EKG, Chest xray, Bone Density, bloodwork, etc... After the first round of results came back, my sugar/A1C #'s came back great.... however, some of my other numbers did not.  My vitamin D was low, way low. My EKG came back abnormal and my white blood count was too high. What!? I'm working so hard on the blood sugar #'s that this all threw me for a loop.  So, re-did all those tests, and my white blood count was even higher.  OK, do that one again. Not fun.  When I read the results report, written across the report was "test for lymphoma, leukemia"... and some illegible other junk. WHAT?! You cannot think of anything else when you see those words. I went to the lab for the bloodtest on Thursday so I had the whole weekend to stew about this.  Horrible, Horrible!  I was a grumpy, grumpy momma.

While waiting I attended another shower. This time a wedding shower for my friend Kim. I'm taking pictures of all of Kim's wedding activities to make her a memory book. This gave me something to do as a little diversion in my mind.  Kim did receive one piece of personal lingerie as a gift so she had to model!
So, Monday I go to work and wait. I carried my cell around with me all the time just in case the results came back....  My cell phone rarely rings at work, except for that Monday.  I got calls all day long! None from the doctor.  I was a mess.
Tuesday.... same thing. Wait, wait, answer my phone, not the doctor. Pull my hair out.
About 4:30 the nurse called with good news. All the numbers came back in range so I was ok. Whew.
Well, nearly. Now I have to go tomorrow and do a Cardiac Stress test.
Stressed. WHO ME?

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