Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Catch Up

Ok,  I've had a little writers block lately and took a little unintended break.  So, let's see what's been going on since my lovely little moth from my last post....

for a couple of weekends I played chauffeur to the Dallas International Film Festival.  Such fun running around the Uptown and Downtown areas of Dallas, running independent film producers and directors from the Hotel Palomar to the Nasher Sculpture Garden, out to Love Field and all over! There was some very, VERY interesting characters.  One highlight was running into Lou Diamond Phillips in the elevator of the hotel. He was so so charming.  Below is one of the lovely views I had from the front seat of my truck while sitting in front of the Nasher. Yes, I drove these artsy filmakers around in my big ole Texas truck. They loved it! Two of my riders had never riden in a truck before.  Welcome to Dallas!

The next weekend, we went out to Texas Motor Speedway for the NASCAR race.... well, we attempted. We got there and so did the rain. 
We had a chilly, wet Sunday breakfast picnic. The best part was the company of friends.
A baby shower came next. Ray's youngest is due in June but our little grand-daughter
Skylar Peyton may decide to get here a little early.  Our niece Tara saw a picture of this "cake" and was determined she could do it herself.  She did a great job. This is grandson #1 Jake.  Note the lip print on his cheek... hmmmm wonder where that came from?

Ray's Grandmother Webb is enjoying herself during one of the games.  She turned 95 on the day before the shower.   WOW!

This is Laura.  They worked and waited for this little bundle and we cannot wait for her to get here.
One of the games was for Laura to be blindfolded and figure out what items she grabbed out of the bag. She nearly got all of them! Nearly....
My mom and grandson #2, Luke became fast friends... I love the little finger point here.
This is a knitted blanket my mom made for little Skylar.
Laura, Neely, Leslie, Taylor, Tara, Amanda, Jake, Grandmother and Luke.

And one night we went dancin!

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