Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Friendships from 38+ years

This past weekend me and 4 friends that I have known since 1969 got together for a girls weekend. We traveled up to Broken Bow OK to a fabulous cabin in the trees. I'll give a little shout out here to http://www.bentreecabins.com/ .  Tony Davis has a great cabin.  Very comfortable, with a big deck out back, a great hot tub (which we kept on cold since it was about a hundred zillion degrees out).  It's a simple cabin with very few frills but way comfy.

Krista, Tamara, Julie and Misti and I all come from Farmers Branch Texas where we attended Janie Stark Elementary and Vivian Field Jr. High.  Originally there were about 10 of us so half getting together 38 years later was a pretty good percentage.  We missed those who didn't join us.  Misti's mom was our Camp Fire Girls leader all those many years ago.  To say we were a "crew" would be putting it mildly.  A "PACK" might describe us better.  We did some crazy crazy stuff way back when. 

Those were the days of leaving the house on Saturday morning and not coming home till the streetlights came on. OR, calling home right before you were supposed to be there asking to spend the night somewhere else! We walked all over our neighborhood, rode our bikes to band practice together for summer practice, we went on trips with each other, learned to snow ski in 1972 in Red River NM.  We had lots of memories to rehash.

I got there first, got the AC turned on and relaxed for a bit.  Tamara drove up with Misti and Krista in tow. Julie was heading up after work so she was due in about 8.... Tamara was the cook for the weekend and she outdid herself on Friday with shish-ka-bobs, grilled corn and a salad.  Yum!  We wait for Julie.... A few glasses (bottles) of wine later we start worrying.... we call Julie... ok, not bad. She's 45 minutes away.  Oh, and the cell service was terrible!  it took 3 or 4 attempts to get a connection.

OK,  couple more glasses of wine and we get a text from Julie.  Krista tells her it's dangerous to text and drive and to stop it. 

So now it's like 10pm.  No Julie.  She calls Krista's phone so Krista hands off to me.  I've always been deemed the "responsible" one.  I have to go connect my computer and figure out where she is then give her directions.  A little after 11, and after Tamara has gone to bed (well, she did get up at 4 and drive from Houston) here comes Julie. 

More laughing, stories, etc... time for me to go to bed.  I woke up... well got woke up several times.  The final time was when Julie and Misti went to bed at 5:45 am! 

Saturday was a day of breakfast out, floating in the lake, a visit to Girls gone Wine.  A cute little place in Broken Bow where we spent some $$$$.  Tamara again outdid it for dinner.  Grilled sausages, onions, peppers with roasted rosemary potatos.  again YUM.

We laughed, sang, laughed more and had a great time. 

Oh,  then there was the Rooster next door we named Chuck.  He crowed alllll the time.
Then there were the two dogs that whenever the grills was fired up, here they came.

I took lots of pictures but the below is the only one I'm allowed to post.

We're planning our next adventure to Canyon Lake.

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