Sunday, July 18, 2010

Half way through July 2010

So,  we are past the halfway point im July 2010 and it has been a big one.  We started out celebrating the 4th of July with my son Clay and wife Amanda.. the plan was for dinner and then a quick drive up the street to see the Plano Tx fireworks.  Little did I know there would be a mini celebration before dinner.  Clay and Amanda announced that they were expecting. A big, BIG surprise for them and for Ray and I.
They really look excited don't they.. ok, maybe not in this shot.
The next week was a big one for me... one that brought some festivies, some laughs and a lot of mental preparation.  I turned 50 on July the 8th. How the heck did that happen?  Where did those years go? It's a blessing really (I keep telling myself that!)
Hubby was working out of town Monday thru Wednesday that week so I made some plans with friends.
On Monday the 5th I had a great lunch with my friend (brunette) Tracey at La Duni at Northpark Center.  However, I got there a little early and did a little special shopping for myself. If you can't buy your dream shoes for yourself for your 50th birthday then there is just something wrong with the world.  That evening I had a mexican dinner with my gal pal Linda M. Good dinner and good conversation.
On Tuesday evening, I picked up mom (it was her birthday!) and we went to dinner with 3 other gal pals. Judy, Peggy and Ms. Barbara.  Lots of laughing, funny cards and stories.  
Wednesday hubby got home and we loaded up the truck for our weekend adventures coming up! Thursday was my birthday!  Haircut and then over to my friend's Sandy and Steve for a fantabulous party with great friends! It was an eclectic group but everyone got to know each other and new friends were made. 
After the evening festivities it was off to a weekend at the lake!

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