Sunday, July 18, 2010

Lake Texoma

My birthday week continued on Friday the 9th with a weekend trip away for Ray and I along with our friends (blond) Tracy and Paul.
This is Paul and Tracy at my party. 
Hubby worked a bit on Friday and I had to take our Rebel dog out to his favorite place, JD Camp David for Dogs.  We call it Camp and he loves it.
Tracy and Paul picked me up  and we headed to Cedar Mills Marina and Resort.  I had rented a travel trailer for the weekend and was a little apprehensive about doing this without seeing the set up first.  Not a worry!  It was fabulous.  We did however arrive, set up and sit for a while in the rain. Hubby arrived, the rain stopped so into the boat we went.  A few sprinkles, some clouds and cooler temps made the evening perfect for being on the water.  A little fishing and then, since the water was like glass (very, very unusual for Texoma) I decided to attempt to ski. 

I grew up on the lakes around here. I was at Texoma at 6 weeks old... seriously we have home movies of it.  We all ski'd. I started out at about 4 or 5 sitting on my brothers shoulders while he ski'd.  (what was my mom thinking!?)  I never had a fear of the water.  I learned to ski on two ski's at about 7 I think and did that for years. I finally learned to ski on one when I was 11 or so. 

Before the weekend at Texoma and still, I cannot tell you the last time I ski'd... on one or TWO so I was nervous, very nervous.  I had tried over the past few years but couldn't do it.  Here's what happened when I tried on two.

And that was on the FIRST try!
Then I had to do it.  I had to try to slalom.
So, I tried........
AND I DID IT!  Shocked cannot describe how I felt. I was a little shaky but I did it and didn't fall.
We had a blast all weekend. We fished, cooked, ate, went boat riding most importantly, relaxed.

What a weekend.

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