Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Kneggs typical weekend

Ray and I stay busy, that's an understatement... Last weekend was a whirlwind but not unusual for us.
Friday night we drove south out of Dallas.... right at rush hour I must add.  It took us over an hour to drive in a straight line from Plano thru downtown.  This 14 mile jaunt took us over an hour... Finally we were on the road to Meridian Texas to a new spot we have found.  The Red Caboose winery.  The last Friday of every month they have a "Fork and Cork". You can buy their wines by the glass or bottle, bring your own food , sit out on the patio and enjoy live music.  We were joined by other Dallas folks and had a very relaxing time.

After our relaxing evening with friends, we headed north on highway 6 to Cisco TX to hang out for 2 days of ranch camping.  Arriving after midnight, setting up by flashlight we unwound a little looking at the full moon and stars before hitting the sack.
The next morning we had breakfast cooked outside.  This is my favorite meal ever!  There is nothing like it and hubby got it just right.  Almost as good as Daddy Buck used to do... close but nobody could do it like my daddy.

Our friends who own Rattlesnake Ranch had just purchased a Trail Hog which their son has christened the Hedge Hog.  The Hedge Hog is an electric 4wheeler.  Yep electric.  It has plenty of power and is SILENT!  For hunters out there, this thing is money!

We rode all over their ranch taking pictures, looking for deer and other critters and checking out the massive cacti.  We got in our own vehicle then and headed to town, out to the lake and just generally sightseeing.  After that time in the sun, I was ready for a nap in the Casita. Nice and cool. Hubby played on the Hog for another couple of hours!

Evening came and it was time for dinner.  We had been invited to the Hightower Ranch about 10 miles away just outside of Putnum TX.  I went to highschool with Sabrina and had never met her husband Pat.  We were not prepared for the beauty and vastness of this ranch.  2200 acres of west Texas land.  An unbelievable sunset from a ridge lookiing west. Some wine... well too much wine.  Some of the best steaks I've ever eaten and laughed so much at Pat my cheeks hurt.  What did I forget on this evening? My camera.  We will go back in the fall when it cools down and I will NOT forget it.

A late night and back to Rattlesnake Ranch to bed down.

We headed back home on Sunday... but wait, we're not done. After resting on Sunday and making friends with the dog we had left behind... Monday was Memorial day so early that morning we headed to Texoma for a day on the lake.  We dodged rain for a bit then drug out the fishing poles, fished (yes I caught the biggest), Paul ski'd, fished some more, rode around, had lunch at Loews Highport, headed over the the party island, floated around then loaded up and headed home.  With no sunburn at all I might add. 

We have great and fun friends and love meeting new ones, getting together with long time ones and also being alone as well.  It was a great weekend.

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Cynthia said...

What a fun weekend! I want to check out that winery. Looks like a great evening!