Saturday, June 19, 2010

nothing unusual.....

So the past couple of weeks have been nothing unusual... for us that is.
Last weekend I took mom (Go-Gragranny) to visit two great grandkids that she, (none of us) get to see near enough.

Raymond Joseph is my niece's (my clone) little boy.  He is a trip. He loves golf more than anything else.  He watches it on TV. Mimics the moves of the players and can hit his plastic golfballs like you would not believe.

Ava Mae is my niece Amy's little girl. She is absolutely gorgeous.  She loves Raymond Joseph, loves her clothes, loves cartoons and if mommy Amy has anything to do with it she will be a fashionista!

I'm just going to post pics of our weekend as it was so busy!  We cooked, fed lots of people, the babies took their first boat rides, I beat my brother Wayne at shuffleboard, we played dominos, cooked more, ate more and I'm paying for that now!

Finally, this is my mother and her attitude about dominos.  She takes this stuff seriously.

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