Saturday, June 19, 2010

Terranea, Ranch Palos Verdes CA

After getting home from Mom andi visiting Canyon Lake, Raymond Joseph and Ava, I set off to sunny southern CA.  Toyota was hosting their annual product preview.  Alot of this meeting was damage control after their recall issues this year.  These issues are still ongoing but that's work stuff.  Never mind that!

The Terranea Resort is just south of Los Angeles right on the pacific coast.  It was 20-25 degrees cooler than in Dallas and it was heaven!

The resort was awesome, food was great, scenary was spectacular. I hope to go back to this location again. I don't always get to say that about these locations.

The resort is 100% eco friendly.  They use predator birds to keep the seagulls away
I had to include my signature photo!

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