Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Not much going on.... NOT!!!!!!!

This week has been, well, eventful to say the least.   I've started my new jewelry business and had a home show Saturday.  It was an $1100 party and lets just say I got A LOT of jewelry to add to my samples.  HUGE deal.  I think I'll like it once I get my own parties going... I had about 16 women here for the show and light brunch. Church friends from my present church home, an old friend from my growing up church, family, friends... it was nice. 

Then on Saturday night my friend Kim came and spent the night here.  Kim lives in Greenville but her husband was in the hospital only about 7 miles from my house.  Drive back to Greenville, was she crazy?  Of course not.  Silly girl.  So Kim came over, and I delivered on my promise of a glass of wine and that I would make her laugh at least once.  Mission accomplished.  I have known Kim actually longer than I can remember.  Our parents were friends from (again) the growing up church.  East Grand Baptist.
  It was a great growing up church and there are quite a few of us reconnecting on Facebook.  Anyway, Kim's husband had a mild stroke last week and she needed a night off.  Done! 

This is East Grand today.  It is one of the most beautiful church buildings in Dallas I believe.  It was sold a few years back and we have learned that many of the old documents, pictures etc.... have been lost...

So, we get up Sunday morning  and hubby fixes Kim and I a great breakfast. He is awesome!  Kim goes back to the hospital and I get ready to go to present day church... the phone rings as I'm getting out of the shower.  It's one of those calls you don't want to get.  My niece is crying and telling me my sister has had a heart attack and is going to the hospital... 2 hours later, Sheila is out of the Cardiac Cath Lab with 6 stints in one artery that was 100% blocked.  Scary.  She is very very lucky.  Paramedics, AWESOME. When she got to the hospital she was still having the attack and they rushed her up to the cath lab.  Awesome!... 3 days in Baylor Garland and she is home recovering... Lifestyle, diet changes and exercise await. 

I walked 2 miles with my friend Peggy that night...

I head to work on Monday to rest!

I walked nearly 3 miles with my friend Peggy on Monday night.

Tuesday I did more prep work for my present day church and the Ladies Ministry kickoff Bruch this Saturday.  I'm in charge of the table decor...
It's hard to explain but the theme is "Get on Board" so each table is a different city.  Here are Los Angeles and Ft. Worth.  There is Seattle, New York, Charlotte, San Antonio, Honolulu and Dallas! It's a lot of work but will turn out good... I hope.

Today is Wednesday and the best day of the week.  We met new grand-boy Bryan RAY Kneggs.  He is adorable.  Dad is Trey, Ray's oldest and his wife Neely are doing well.  We so wanted a boy to carry on the Kneggs name and we got our wish.  He is adorable!  6 pounds 15 ounces, 20 1/4 inches and of absolute adorablness.  Skylar was there to meet her new cousin and she was just as sweet.  Both of them are ADORABLE!!!!   Here is Mr. Bryan RAY Kneggs.  Isn't he ADORABLE.  We stood at the window and watched as they poked and proded him and he would fuss, but as soon as they stopped he would relax, chill out and fall asleep.  10 fingers, 10 toes, ate like a champ.... all is good.
I walked 3 miles tonight with my friend Peggy and Ms. Barbara.  We have lots of talking while we're walking.  I had to go buy new pants today at lunch, mine were so big they were uncomfortable!  YEA ME! 
I think I'll call it a day and go to bed now. 

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