Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Today's Wonderings and Randomness

Why do I have no motivation or energy today?  I have eaten my protein, I slept well I have plenty to do both at work and at home but am still bored.  When I'm at work, I can think of a thousand things I need to do for home.  When I'm home I have all kinds of ideas to get processed at work.... I can't seem to line up my work brain at work and my home brain at home. Everybody says my house is the "relax" house.  I tend to agree, once I'm home I just want to snuggle down.

Today is Tuesday and hubby is out of town till Friday.  The dog cannot understand this.  Normally it's mom that's not home, not dad!  Rebel wanders around, paces, wants out then wants in.  He does not like change!

Have you ever been without a really close friend?  I have lots and lots of good friends but with work, kids, work, school, work, kids schedules, different values, different situations, different finances, etc... it's hard to find someone to just hang with.  Everybody needs that one person who they can go to just to hang. 

I'm impatient about this jewelry business.  I'm ready to get out there and sell to people I don't know.  To get it done. So many people are turned off by homeshows and the pressure to buy something or have a party or get involved in the business.  I really like the jewelry. 
I just need to get past the initial party, book others and get with it.  I also need to set up my office/guest room. (one of those home projects that has my brain on home not work). 

I'm also wondering if the 4th grandchild will be here this week.  Another event, another family member! Can't wait to see him/her.  We don't know the gender and I love it!

Before we know it that baby #5 will be here.  Yikes!  So excited to have one close to home to spoil, make them say silly things when mom and dad come home (especially Clayton's kid!).  Cannot wait.

Seeing as nothing earth shattering has happened since I started this... I'll just sit here and ponder a bit more.



Barb Johnson said...

love your authenticity of sharing your heart and your brain as it ponders deep thoughts.
You are a winner in my book in everything you touch!!

Barb Johnson said...

You are a winner in my book in anything you touch! Appreciate your authenticity and your heart for people. <3