Monday, September 27, 2010

Stuff to say

I always have something to say,  really.  Did you know that about me?  Ok, I'm being sarcastic.   But, writing a blog is not that easy.  I know what I want to say but sitting down and doing it isn't that easy.  So,  to catch up;

I'm working from home on one of the first days of fall and it has turned cooler and actually feels like fall. Windows open, sitting at the kitchen table, no makeup, no shoes, just me and the beast.

We had a trip to the State Fair yesterday and I actually learned a few things.  Did you know there are miniature cows just like there are miniature horses?  There ARE!  They are so cute.  Mini herefords, mini brahmas....

He's full grown.

These babies were little bitty! 
The above is a website that has more info and some pics of cows for sale.  Amazing.  good thing we live in the city or I would have some of these!!! 
We tried some state fair fare but were extremely cautious this year.  Last year I got so sick from stuffing my face with greasiness. 

We went to a cooking demonstration and got some good ideas for fish tacos, walked around more and got ideas for the yard.  Not that anything will happen with the ideas but....
Love the idea of hanging the baskets with a thin cable, they look like they are floating.

I need to find out what plant this is.

I so want this fountain in my back yard.
Next stop the Wine Garden.  It is a respite of quiet in the middle of crowded chaos.  Sitting, relaxing, enjoying the light jazz and breeze and watching the people.  love it.
he was actually having a good time.  There really is a smile in there.

Hubby learned about the history of Texas wines by this mural on the wall.  He and I are headed to the Red Caboose Winery in a couple of weeks to their Grape Stomp.  I'm very excited to get away with the Hubby even for just a night. Our road trips and outings together are favorite times for me. I also learned that Red Caboose Winery won some awards last weekend at Grapefest!
3rd in White Varietals with their Viognier, 2009
1st in Red Varietals for their Tempranillo, 2007 
2nd in Red Proprietary for their Tempranillo, 2007 
2nd in Red Proprietary blends with Lenoir/Tempranillo, 2008  
We should have some great wines to taste!
of course there's a pic of my feet relaxing.  Isn't there always?
We wandered over the The Dock which was last years winner of best taste in Fair Food with their Fried Peaches.  We tried their Fried Club Sandwich this year and it was outstanding!  I forgot to take a picture! Also met Jason Castro of American Idol fame and got a pic with him. 

This lovely lady is my friend Johnna's 86 year old mom, Wanda. Johnna and I went to high school together and so did her mother and my mother!!!! Can you believe there is a connection there?  (more sarcasm)

As we are leaving the fair we stopped by the Childrens Barnyard Petting Zoo.  Baby animals are so darn cute and the grown ups were showing whose boss. Cracked us up.

not quite sure why the Alpaca are shaved like this... Poodle Alpaca maybe?

These sheep have 4 horns!!!

This baby wanted to eat and mom was having none of it.

Parking was crazy and we had to ride the tram from the truck and then back out to the parking lot.  We got on the tram and there was the cutest little boy.  Dylan.  Dylan was wound up to say the least.  The cotten candy was ramped up!  He was non stop talking.  Told me:
  • He was going to be 4 tomorrow
  • He was going home to bed and would get up tomorrow to play his John Madden football game again.
  • That his favorite football player was Tony Romo
  • That his favorite team was the Saints or the Cowboys
  • That he did like baseball, the Cardinals by the way
All of this pretty much in one breath.  I asked him if he was a mess?  Yes!  I asked him if he was a charmer?  Yes!
When we got off the tram I told him to be careful going home and he informed me he was NOT driving.
I laughed all the way home at him. He would have been great with Bill Cosby or Art Linkletter.

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