Saturday, October 16, 2010


.... so the Plan B portion of dinner with a broken crock pot was:
Use the griddle we always take camping, brown the hamburger and italian sausage with an onion we picked up at the grocery store (along with pound cake and buns). Heat the sauce over the fire,  in a metal pan. Toast the buns and viola!  Sloppy Joes.  They were pretty darn tasty.  My philosophy in life, Anything cooked outside tastes awesome.  I could do a whole book on breakfast cooked outside.
Honey built us a fire, fixed us up some decaf coffee with a little Bailey's thrown in, sliced the Peach Praline Pound cake, heated that over the fire, watched the moon come up..... ahhhhhhhh.......

The next morning we got up, slapped some breakfast tortillas together, had a pot of coffee and just about the time we were relaxing it was time to pack up and head back home.  Another full day ahead of us. 

Meridian is just about 2 hours from home and we had to be close to downtown Dallas at 1:30 for a small reunion I had put together.

About 3 weeks earlier, I had gone to visit my old "home" church East Grand Baptist.  I grew up here, went to vacation bible school here, was baptised, sang in the choir, married, attended other weddings, funerals etc... here.  It was a pretty emotional visit since I hadn't been in the place since it was sold a few years back.  It is one of the most beautiful buildings in Dallas... I think.  The stained glass is awesome. 

So, after visiting with a couple of people that now use the church for their services, they agreed to let us come in one Sunday for a mini reunion.  It was Awesome.

I expected about 24-25 people and we had 52 show up! Folks I hadn't seen in years!

My mom was a long time member here and she came with hubby and I.  I think she really enjoyed herself.  Here she is (left) with Maria Guanerro.  Maria was married to Ossie and Ossie held memories for many of us youngsters as our forever driver of the little yellow bus.  What memories.  Marie was a very pleasant, unexpected surprise.

I was a teary eyed happy camper.

Telling a story I'm sure. 
What an awesome Sunday.  Folks told stories, pranks they had pulled as kids, trouble that they didn't get in but should have... Loved it and we will do it again.

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