Thursday, October 14, 2010

Red Caboose, Meridian State Park, East Grand Baptist.....

 ..... All in 48 hours.  Another typical weekend with the Kneggs.

On Saturday October 9th, the Red Caboose Winery held a Grape Stomp.  Ray and I traveled the two hours to attend, and I had made us reservations at Meridian State Park to camp overnight in one of their screen shelters. 

Now if you have ever been to any outing with Ray and I you know we like to be prepared.  Food, tools, gadgets, bedding, cookwear, rain panchos...etc.... You never know what we might pull out of the back of my pickup. So, we pack up Friday night after a quick trip to get groceries and off we go Saturday morning. 

Plan:  Get to the state park, secure the shelter, set up our bedding, get dinner in the crock pot, go to Stomp at noon.

Actuality: All is good till we come to the part about the crock pot.  I was planning Crock Pot Lasagne to be all ready for dinner. Throw some good bread in some foil and heat it over the fire.  Well,  Crock Pot Cracked to smitherenes!
Plan B.  We did bring our electric griddle which is our normal breakfast cooking aparatus.  SO, I'm not worried, we'll figure out something.  I was now ready for wine.

So, we head the 6-8 miles over to Red Caboose.  Grab our wine glasses, grab our Tshirt, put on our paper bracelet to show we're good and grab our free tasting of wine.  
This little pixie is the boss of Red Caboose winery.  She rules the roost.
aging room
the lady standing is the lady in the painting above her head.  She is the lady on the label of the Red              Caboose Temperanillo.
After you get back to camp from stomping around in grapes you really need to check your ankle bracelet for grape skins.
as the evening grows later we relax by a nice fire.  One thing we did find... it is getting harder to sit and do nothing these days.  We're so used to running around having to be somewhere at a certain time, it's hard to change gears and slow down.  It takes 24 hours to get to a point where you can just chill.

to be continued

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