Monday, September 27, 2010


I wrote the below in April of 2004 at the closing of the restaurant owned by my brother but that went way back to the early 1970's in the Garland Location.  I just found the electronic version and thought I would repost.  The essay was also read at Daddy's funeral in 1975.

The First Booth
It started way back when, with a cup of coffee as Daddy Buck took a little break & got ready for the day.
It’s the first booth on the right.

Same as any other booth in the House.
Occasional and many regular customers may just walk on by, not realizing what The First Booth has come to represent.
The world’s problems have been solved hundreds of times over from the seats of this Booth.

Some have learned a little Spanish (or Tex Mex) while sitting here.

Some received marital counseling.
All the time, Go Granny was trying to clean up the papers, magazines, cups, notes and miscellaneous stuff that seemed to gather here.
A few jokes were told from this booth, most of which cannot be repeated in mixed company
Steve makin deals -
Cars bought, sold, rebought and then sold again, welding arrangements with Scott, upholstery arrangements with the Blairs, medical advice given and taken with Dr. Hinshaw, a line of bull or 2 from Gene Files, discussing strategic hanginroundsmanship with James Crawford
Fishin stories, deer huntin stories, dune buggy adventures discussed, NASCAR arguments, Go Cart race analysis, , you get the point.
Marilyn with her ever-present coffee cup, swapping recipes
Family, Friends, Employees….
If you see Wayne sitting at the booth it may just be because he had a craving for a beef sandwich and drove all the way from Brownsville.
Sheila planning the next family event or gathering.
People from far away places were invited to this spot of honor, Art Ganchow from Canada. Kraft executives from around the world.
Many of Garlands Men in Blue have dined from this spot. They took the time to take that little extra glance when they drove by. Or, turned in through the parking lot late on Saturday night, just to be sure everything was in order. We appreciate them more than they know, .....
well except for that one time when they arrested Jose.
Fegreaus, Flanagan, Phillips, Hostrup, Latham, Bailey, Bunch, Carson,

Sederwall, Williams, Gentry… to name a few.
Some have grown up eating many a meal (and taking that good hickory smell with them) in The First Booth;

Lisa, Steven, Misti, Amy, Emily, Nick, Clayton, Kayla, Karlie
Some have gone on to other careers or moved away, but still come by to eat and sit a spell in the First Booth;
Hugh, Jan, Shirley, Red Head Debbie, Jackie, Tammy, Shelly, Ben, Tom, Lulu
Some were drafted to help during many a noon rush;

Coy, Ron Golden, Troy, Scott, Bob Wilson
Others have gone on to another “better” barbeque house and surely have their place of honor in another First Booth;
Chick Bullock, Bob Cole, Weaver, Jolly Grubb, Bill Reece Pappy Davis, Clarence Robinson,

Officers Walker, McDonald, Moore and Lerma
New names and faces have taken a spot at The First Booth

Bo, Ray, Steve Cook, Jessica
What started way back when, with a cup of coffee as Daddy Buck took a little break and got ready for the day became a tradition at 2613 Forest Lane. You all shared this with the Moore Family and we thank you.

It’s the first booth on the right

Same as any other booth in the House