Sunday, November 7, 2010

Highly unusual

This has been a highly unusual weekend for both hubby and I. We attended 1/2 a high school football game Friday night to see my great nieces last night as a drum major for North Garland High School. Kayla is the 8th graduate from both he maternal and paternal side of her family. Pretty cool.

The NG band has a great trumpet section and every game starts with the Star Spangled Banner performed by them.  It's great.

At halftime all the band seniors and families were recognized. 
 Kayla having some fun leading (?) Well, she says she doesn't dance so we know That's not what she's doing!

 Now getting down to business.

So, after a chilly perfect football weather night I came home and got in my pj's, hit the bed about 10pm........ and woke up at 10am on Saturday morning!!!! I guess I was tired.  Saturday night we played Wii Sport and both of us are sore... we are so out of shape.

I didn't get out of my pj's till Sunday morning to go to church. 

I got some errands done, watched NASCAR, suffered through some Cowboy football and am pretty much done. 
I needed this weekend of rest... so thankful for it.  The holidays are knocking at the door and it might  be the last opportunity like that for a while. 

I did get a call from a friend wanting to have a jewelry party.  I'm excited about that.  It's in my neighborhood and probably 99% of the women I won't know!  Wish me luck.

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