Monday, December 27, 2010

Holidays 2010

Ray and I have made it through these holidays thanks to some fabulous friends.  This week was hard with lots of ups and downs But, the thing that makes it bearable is that we know my mom is happy. After 5 years of living without Daddy she is in her comfort place, right where she wanted to be.  She had a great 5 years though actually.... Mom had been married to Daddy since she was 17!  Up until the week she went in the hospital, she was living on her own, still driving, had her own group of friends, a church Sunday school class that loved her, hospital volunteer friends who thought she was a hoot and were with her till the end.  She knew how lucky she was but something was missing.  She found that.

We lost her but she gained so much.

Ray and I had a great time with his family the Saturday before Christmas.  All the grandkids were there and were very entertaining.  As usual Ray spent Christmas Eve shopping (and did very well if I do say so myself). We spent a relaxing Christmas Eve with each other and with a visit with cousin Cynde.  Christmas morning was fabulous and Christmas Day with the Nelsons, the Smoots, the Mains and all their brood.  Awesome food, a very cold football game, teaching the kids some Texas Holdem techniques, and putting together a 1000 piece puzzle!!!!

Sunday was family day here at our house for my side of the family.  Soup and sandwich day. Broccoli cheese soup, potato soup, beef barley soup and sandwiches were so yummy!  Some of the gang played forty-two for a bit and then we had Girls v/s Guys Wii Pictionary.  what a blast!  Going to buy that game for sure later this week. 

Now..... getting ready for a colonoscopy... tied to the house all day today with the prep. 

The 2010 Tree

Rebel and his new Christmas bone that he loved!!!

Fun day after Christmas

The grandboys and Elmo

playing Tic Tac Toe on the Iphone with Nick... quote from Luke "Dis will be Fun.... fun, fun, fun!"

Wii Party!

Football tradition... note the kid from Boston with no shoes!!!!
Below is the whole football crew!

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