Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dear Mom,

You wouldn't believe all the things that have happened in the past 5 weeks. 

There were so many people that came to help us celebrate your life.  Of course, you know that we felt both you and Daddy there. Fred was his typical self and told such funny stories about you and how you were such an influence in his life and you and Daddy Buck being so young!  He even sang a song.  Everyone loved him.

Clay and Amanda have decided on a middle name for Emory.  She is now going to be Emory Elizabeth.  After you.  It was such a sweet thing for them to do.

We're trying to take care of things the way you would want.  Sheila and Marilyn and I have started sorting through your things at home.  Boy, did you have a lot of stuff.  We have laughed and cried and laughed again. Of course Marilyn is the only one now that can fit into your clothes so she has a new wardrobe for her upcoming cruise.  She was thrilled.  And we laughed some more. We did find the blanket you were making for baby Emory. I knew you were doing that one. We also found a quilt you were working on.  Didn't know you were doing that.  Don't worry.  We have Pat at Sheila's work finishing the blanket and Sharon, Jess's mom is finishing the blanket.  She said she was proud to finish it for you.

A lot of people gave donations to Shriners Hospital.  That will help a lot of kids! We know you would love that. 

Christmas has come and gone.  We got together with most of our kids and grandkids.  Nick became fast friends with grandboy Luke and they both made us laugh too much.  We (well not me), some of us played 42.  Ray, Leslie, Tony, Steve, Chris and Debbie Kneggs all played a couple of games, I don't even think I heard Plung one time.  But it wasn't the same without you.  We did all eat too much.  Soup and Sandwiches this year for our get together. There was Potato Soup, Beef Vegetable Barley and Broccoli Cheese.  It was all great.

Ray and I kept Skylar new years eve and although she was up nearly all night, it was great.  She is such a snuggler.  Little Bryan is growing and growing.  He loves to lay on the floor and laugh.

Looks like little Emory will be here well before her due date.  Amanda is having some issues with high blood pressure and they have put her in the hospital.  We'll have a baby by the end of January for sure.  I wish so much She would have the chance to get to know you but we'll be sure and tell her all the stories.

We miss you so much but know you are where you want to be.  I wish I could have seen your face when you saw Daddy.

Love you

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Brewer Bunch said...


So sorry about your loss. I have been so busy with our move that I have failed to keep up with what has been going on with everyone else.

Love ya,
Terrie Brewer