Thursday, January 6, 2011

Exciting New Years Eve

The best thing about being a grandparant is that you have an excuse NOT to go out on New Years Eve.  I've never been a fan of this holiday and the actions it requires.  Everything is twice as busy, twice as expensive and the service terrible!

So what do grandparents do?  They volunteer to baby sit.  This year little Skylar came to visit for her first sleep over.  What a snuggle bug she is.  However, she did not want to sleep.  Little cat naps and then "Hey, lets play some more"!  But it was so fun getting to know her little personality.  She loves loves loves her bouncy seat.  She jumps so hard she gets some air under her occasionally.  Then on Sunday we got to see the Trey Kneggs family.  Little Bryan is growing so fast and just loves to lay on the floor and laugh!

My videos won't upload for some reason... gotta work on that. Here are some photos though.

 Being a grandparent does have its perks.  Can't wait for the next one and appears that our little Emory, who is due on March 1, may be here before February 1st.

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