Monday, August 29, 2011


I know I'm not the only middle aged (oh God, did I just put that in print) woman out there who is easily burnt out.  I love to cook, but only when I want to.  I love to volunteer, but only when I want to. I love to work... well no that's a big ole lie.   I love to plan and coordinate things, but only when I want to.  I love to scrapbook.... you get the idea.

I wonder if it is that I'm still trying to find my way.  Trying to find what I'm good at. Trying to find people/girlfriends who like to do what I like to do. Find a hobby that I won't quit at after 6 months.  The longest I did something was volunteer for the North Texas SPCA.  I did that for over 12 years.  I loved it but I wasn't married, didn't have 4 kids, 4 kids-in-law, 5 grand-kids and a job that was 30 miles away.... oh yea, I was 20 years younger too.  That actually was a lot of fun.

Right now my job has taken a HUGE turn. Same job, just more of it. Woo Hoo, just what I wanted more stuff.  I know there has to be balance and trust me, I'm good at making sure the work stuff doesn't take over.  I love my church family, I wouldn't have made it through the past 9 months without them but as with anything where there are lots of people thrown together there is drama.  I'm blessed, I know that... but blessed doesn't always translate to bubbly happy.  And trust me, I know bubbly happy isn't possible all the time.

I have one of the best husbands in the world.  If I could rent him out, I know several who would take me up om that!  We have a blast together.   We love to travel, cook, eat, fish whatever it is, if we're together we're having fun.   But he doesn't want to be my sole source of entertainment and I don't want to be his.  You have to have other stuff going on to be balanced.

So, yep I have struggles in figuring out what to do.  I have burnout when things don't meet my expectations... so then there are dreams..... (diner only serving breakfast and lunch in a small town somewhere out in the country).

What are your struggles?  What is your burnout?  What is your dream?

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