Monday, September 19, 2011

California Workin and Dreamin

Last week I had a conference in San Diego. I was part of the planning committee so I knew all the good stuff that was in the works. I also got to plan all the menus so I knew the choice of foods was going to be pretty yummy. The conference went exceptionally well and to make it even better, hubby got to come out on Thursday and we got to make it a long weekend in southern California.

 My room was awesome

Our beach dinner turned out great!

After the conference was over Hubby and I did some touristy stuff and  hit the beach with some friends.  Kaki and Steve with Fleet Response.  All Kaki wanted to do was step in the Pacific Ocean.... (even though she lives in Tampa!)  We ate some great seafood at The Poseidon in Del Mar, visited with a parrot on the drive back, saw a very cute kids birthday party at the Del Mar Beach Rescue station  and watched some really fast boats practicing for the hydroplane races.

The next day we headed out bright and early and visited the Hotel Del Coronado for breakfast and a look around and a walk on the beach.  A couple of the pics above are of a house with a beautiful front porch area that included an awesome fireplace.  The sportscar was so cool.  I had to take a picture, its a Honda.  loved the house and the car!

That night we headed out to dinner on 5th Street in the Gaslamp District in San Diego. After a few enu reviews we had dinner at Asti Gourmet Seafood.  That is hubby's lambchops, my shrimp, crab and vodka sauce. Dessert was a blueberry cheesecake and a chocolate volcano..... oh my goodness, it was heavenly and our waiter was the best.
Sunday we drove up to Temecula, had lunch at a mexican food place called The Bank and wine tasting at Tesora.

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