Sunday, January 22, 2012

Busy Busy Grandbaby week

The first part of this week was pretty un-eventful. Just work and I really don't want to talk about that.

So on Thursday we head over to Trey, Neely and Bryan's to find out what our triplet grandbabies are going to be!

3 BABIES.... All at one time!

When we got over there we find out that grandgirl #1, Skylar is on the way to the hospital with a high fever.  She had been running a fever for a little over a day but it was now over 105.

So after some great burgers made by Trey it's time to find out about these babies!
Neely brings out Big gift bags labled with Baby A, Baby B and Baby C....
Then, Bryan pulled out the tissue paper and a balloon floated up to tell us what that baby was.  It was sooooo cute!
 It's a Girl - Savannah Grace

It's a Boy - William Lee

It's a Girl - Ruby Elizabeth
All have family name elements and it is going to be an adventure. 
Bryan loves balloons and he was so much fun to watch.  He also loved playing with his Nonni's leg scooter! She broke her leg but is a speed demon on that thing.

Meanwhile, little Skylar has been admitted to Childrens Hospital at Medical City.  It was finally determined that she had a urinary tract infection, which then created some bacteria travelling up into her kidney.  Poor baby was very very sick.

 They gave her IV antibiotics for two days and she is now on the mend. As she was feeling a little better, you can tell what her priorities are:

We kept our Emory all night Saturday night after a dinner out. Emory fell in love with the creme brulee my oldest brother was eating.  If she didn't have a bite in her mouth, she gave him the evil eye.  THEN she had a little sugar rush and was a hoot. After a diaper change, pj's, reading a book and rocking she went right off to bed and slept all night. She was raring to go this morning!

Dinner of pizza bread and attempts at a tomato, loving a lemon and marinara sauce.

 and breakfast of eggs, graham crackers with peanut butter and a banana.....

(nope, don't like eggs)

I love to share my bites.

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