Monday, February 6, 2012

As I get older....

Life experiences shape and mold our on-going personalities.  I'm finding myself being molded and shaped more everyday.
I don't like to go visit people in the hospital.
I don't walk down the aisle at funerals to view the deceased.
and now I'm finding that I don't like to go to visitations before funerals. 

The last one is recent. I don't know why. 

Tonight is the visitation of one of my parents best friends.  Helon and Billy were my mom and dads RV traveling companions for years.  We grew up going to the lake with the family and they were awesome people.  Billy passed away 5 months after daddy and Helon passed this weekend.  Tonight is her visitation and I just can't go. I want to but something keeps me at home. I love this family and I know the visitation is for the family and to show our love and support.

I just can't.

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