Saturday, June 30, 2012

Been a while....

Wow, time changes things. 

After a llittle over 6 years as Fleet Manager at Coinmach Service Corp., I had an opportunity that literally showed up and moved so quickly it was a whirlwind.  I'm now at a Dallas based company, Associa Inc. I'm the Fleet/Fixed Asset Manager.  The fleet part is different but with a much smaller fleet is very manageable.  The fixed asset part.... is very new to me.  Not gonna be a problem, I can do it.

At the time I made the change I was really struggling to focus everyday at the old job.  It was eating me up.  Now I know what I'm doing and have a whole new attitude. There were good people there but it was not for me anymore.

My new office is awesome and the view is even better.  Very Natural and very relaxing, very calming. I needed this so badly.

So, our trip to Cherokee happened right before my job change which was probably a really good thing. I've posted some of our pics but here are more.

Hubby worked on ALL the electrical set up for this job.  HUGE.  This is the checkin pavillion for all the guests... over 800
This is an outside firepit relaxing area at one of the homes on the property.

one of the beautiful water crossings on the ranch.

A couple of very very exotics that are .... home on the range... HA couldn't resist.

Is this view not amazing? I would drive my golfcart here every morning for coffee.

Not Bevo... but a cousin I'm sure.

 Our patio area for a few days.

My favorite act of the weekend.  Timothy B. Schmidt from the Eagles.

The Bunkhouse at the top of the Creek.  Ray and his guys stay here many times when they come work. 

I cannot wait till next year.

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