Sunday, August 5, 2012

What now you ask?

I've started a new regimen in exercise.  Yoga.  I love it.  I had done it before about 15 years ago when the company I worked for had a fitness center and we had yoga classes at lunch. It was pretty much like private classes since there was only about 5 of us at most ever in there. We learned how to do the right things. 

Another friend is doing Hot Yoga and has really toned up, but I can't get to the classes she goes to because of the time of day. I love the place I'm going now.  All of the people are really supportive, nice and include me in conversation.  I've been to other types of classes before where no one talkes to you if you are new. I'm having a little trouble with my right knee but will work through it.

The class I went to on Saturday was a Vinyasa Flow class which I really enjoy more than the other Hatha class I went to on Thursday.... we'll see.  I'm going to a basic to remind myself of some of the stuff I learned years ago.

My next goal, for this week will to increase my water intake every day.  16 ounces total a day will be an increase for me.  I'm terrible!  It's not that I drink other stuff, I don't drink anything. So, my goal tomorrow is at least 24-32 ounces of water and increase it every day during this week.   

I'm using "My Fitness Pal" on my ipad and iphone to track my calories and exercise.  I'm learning a lot on what I think is healty and low cal and what really isn't.  I also heard a doctor on Sirius "Dr. Radio" the other day talking about thyroid, etc... as an endocrinologist.  She really hit a few nerves and I went and got her book, The Fatigue Solution.  I'm about a third of the way thru it and have actually been highlighting info in it.  She puts things in very simple terms for laymen understanding.  She talks about how we need proteins AND carbs AND good fats and gives good info and tips to make it happen.

If I get to my goal, by December 1,  I'm taking myself on a cruise or to a beach vacation...

So, I hope I have some good news on my next post, till then...

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