Sunday, December 9, 2012

Halloween with our Tribe

Trying to figure out where to gather our immediate family these days is challenging.  When all of us get together there is a total of 18.

I love seeing all the kids in their Halloween costumes.  They are so cute and gettin together on Halloween is impossible so we have done costumes the Sunday before the last couple of years.  It also gives them the opportunity to wear their outfits more than once. 

This year we were lucky to have a gorgeous day albeit a little windy.  We met up at Owens Spring Creek Farms where they have a nice pumpkin patch, some goats to feed, horses and other animals to look at and a good place for a picnic.  I think it was a hit and with some coaxing we got the kids together for a picture.  My how they, and our family has grown.

This is last year.....


and this year


Ms Skylar as Strawberry Shortcake

Emory as Merida from Brave
 Luke on the left, Jake on the right having fun with some goats
Triplets Willliam, Ruby and Savannah enjoying some fresh air.

the Tribe enjoying some lunch

our older girls getting to know each other.

Mr. Bryan Ray Kneggs in the pumpkin patch.  He loves his sunglasses
Jake and Luke relaxing

Jake and his mommy.  Leslie toppled off the pumpkins a little

Loaded up... this effort takes about 10 minutes

This will be something we continue for a while.  I hope.

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