Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sweet Music

Back in May I had the awesome pleasure of spending the weekend in Cherokee Texas at the 7th annual Cherokee Creek Music Festival. . 
Ray has been working on this project for a year.  Now Cherokee is 100 miles northeast of Austin in the Texas hill country.  A very very small town without even a stop light.
We loaded up our travel trailer Matilda and hit the road.  Our lunch stop was Koffee Kup restaurant in Hico Texas.  This place is known far and wide for it's food, especially their homemade pies.  My favorite sliced item on this day were homegrown tomatoes. It has been so long since there have been any good tomatoes that this was a real treat.

Back on the road and headed south through my favorite scenery in Texas.


Pavillion that Ray worked on wiring for lights and sound
shot below of the music  pavillion

 distance shot of the main house

Artists/Musicians restrooms and lounge area

Shawn Colvin

There really is a Cherokee Creek and this part is absolutely gorgeous

My favorite all weekend was Timothy B Schmidt.  He is oe of the actual Eagles but travels on his own as well.  He wrote "Love will keep us Alive".  He sang it at the Festival and it was AAAAmmmmazing. 
 Lunchtime, yum


Artists arriving... this was big time folks

 Campground.  Ray wired the field for RV electricty... more to come for next year

Timothy B Schmidt acoustic
great weather made for a great crowd

Hubby taking a minute to relax

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