Friday, January 4, 2013

Human Nature and Facebook Security

At first glance you have to wonder what these two things have to do with each other.... well there is a relationship there.

By nature I am a: nosy  b:  I'm really a nice person  and c:  I look for the good side in people.   I look for the good in people until I have my doubts, then I'm done. 

Twice now I have been burned on Facebook.  The first time, trying to be a friend who seemed to have more problems than they could handle at the time.  For being a friend, I received a call and a tongue lashing for things I did not say and things I did not do.  I promised myself I would be more careful how far out I would put myself on Facebook next time.  Well, I must have forgot.

This last time, LAST time, again trying to help someone, things haven't gone the way I had planned.  Lesson learned.  Be careful on Facebook.  Be careful of those you know, you don't know and those you think you know.  Because you worked with someone in the past, or you went to elementary school with them, or they are a friend of a friend..... you really may not know them.  Take caution.  Guard your privacy.  Guard your information, your phone number, your address.... not everyone needs to know this info.

I will take my own advice but pretty sure I will still be nosy, nice and look for the good in people. 

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