Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Boy it was a Birthday

Leslie and Tony hosted our grandson Luke's birthday party at their home on Saturday.  (the old fashioned way! in the backyard!) So fun and laid back.  The kids had a blast.
 This is Skylar in the Cadillac... she stayed in it pretty much the whole time.
Something must have needed fixing.  Graham is waiting patiently for his driver.

The birthday boy and his big cousin Garrin.
He is 100% boy.

Skylar takes after her daddy who is a #1 Class A+ mechanic.
 OHHHHH, somebody got a new fishing pole.....

and it has to be checked out by Pops the professional

The silly string was a hit and Bryan got a big dose.

Time for the Pinata

Little miss priss showing off her dress.  Adorable

Big Bubba Jake

"mmmmm, who can I go after with this stuff now?"

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